Ned Evett

“The Master of the Glass-Necked Guitar”- USA Today Bio

Ned Evett
Ned Evett
“The Master of the Glass-Necked Guitar”- USA TodayBio
“The world’s first fretless guitar rockstar” -Guitar Player Magazine
Born in Nashville Tennessee, Ned started playing ukelele at age 11, graduating to his first
guitar at 15. At 16, Ned got his first classical guitar and gave his first professional
performance as a guitarist.
New years eve 1990, Ned Evett smashed his strat onstage and built his first fretless guitar
from the neck which survived intact. He appeared with his fretless acoustic in the May 1993
issue of Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine, then on record with Warner Brothers recording artists
Built To Spill in 1994.
Relocating to San Francisco California in 1995 resulted in Ned joining the band Yellow
Wood Junction, co-founded by Pandora CSO Tim Westergren, who encouraged Ned to
continue growing as a producer and writer. He also met guitarist Joe Satriani. Ned’s
Americana writing style began to emerge during this period, working with bay area pedal
steel ace David Phillips ( Tom Waits ).
Frequent visits to the Rodin collection at the Legion of Honor Museum, just down the street
from his San Francisco apartment, led to a secondary interest in sculpting.
Prior to his first European tour in 1997 backing Austin Singer/Songwriter Dirk Hamilton, he
switched to a glass fingerboard; in part to keep from wearing out numerous ebony
fingerboards. Ned has used glass fingerboards ever since, prompting the moniker ‘the glass
Ned made waves in 2000 with the groundbreaking release, An Introduction to Fretless
Guitar. That album, along with successful albums Circus Liquor (2003), iStole (2004),
Middle of the Middle (2007), and Afraid4U (2010) led to his widespread success in Europe,
while also kick-starting the beginning of a loyal fan following in the U.S.
His touring history includes concerts performed in the United States, Canada, England,
Ireland, Mexico, and Australia as well as most of the countries in western Europe.
In 2003, Ned entered and won the North American Rock Guitar Competition. In 2004 PBS
Television broadcast the documentary “Driven To Play “, a film about the event which aired
in all US states and parts of Canada.
Following the film’s premier, Ned began a series of tours with artists such as Jonny Lang,
Eric Johnson, and George Thorogood. From October 2010 through January 2011, Ned
embarked on a world tour with Grammy nominated artist Joe Satriani who says:
“Ned Evett is a monster player/writer/performer. I’ve had him on tour as a solo act, as
well as with his different band lineups, and he always puts on a great performance. He
has a good time with the audience, as he uses his unique personality to guide them
through his music and his one-of-a-kind guitar style.”
Ned’s sixth solo album, “Treehouse” is a 14 song diary of love, loss, redemption, and the
future told in Ned’s mesmerizing voice, accompanied by Ned’s trademark fretless mirrored
glass and steel resonator, the “Globro” and his glass-necked electrics. The album, produced
by legendary musician Adrian Belew, was released on January 3, 2012.
Ned’s current solo album is “Glass Guitar”, recorded live in the studio in 2016 featuring ten
new tracks of fretless magic.
Touring Information
Ned Evett has toured with Joe Satriani (two world tours), Eric Johnson, and George Thorogood.
He has performed at the SXSW Music Festival, Treefort Music Festival, and Maverick Festival
Additional Festivals:
2001 Nuit De La Fretless, Mende FR.
2004 National Slide Festival, Asheville NC
2005 Frankston International Guitar Festival, Australia
2006 Moers Festival, Paris France
2008 Leicester Blues Festival, Leicester UK
2008 NYC Fretless Guitar Festival
2012 Upton Blues Festival UK
2012 Maverick Festival UK
2012 Festival of Firsts UK
2013 Groovefest
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Slow Engine
Built To Spill “The Normal Years”
“An Introduction to Fretless Guitar”
“Fretless Guitar Masters”
The world’s first fretless guitarist compilation recording.
Ned Evett, Franck Vigroux, Tim Donahue, Bumblefoot, Yan Vagh, David Fiuczynski, Yannic
Robert, and Stephen James Taylor all contribute.
“Circus Liquor”
Supported with a 30 city tour as support for Joe Satriani
Ned’s third solo CD, was released in July 2004. Features the debut of ‘The Globro’, Ned’s
fretless resonator guitar.
“Village of the Unfretted”, a new fretless compilation from the people at
“Middle of the Middle”
Ned’s fourth solo CD, the song ‘Through It ‘ added to regular rotation on Journal Broadcast
Group’s AAA station roster
“Afraid For You”
Ned’s fifth solo CD, mixed by Ryan Hewitt
Ned’s sixth solo CD, produced by Adrian Belew and mixed by Ryan Hewitt. Launched with a
two month tour of the UK summer of 2012.
“Glass Guitar” Volume 1
Ned Evett
1310 Vista Avenue
Boise Idaho, USA
01 208 473-6419
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Current Endorsments: DR Strings.
Past Endorsments: Fernandes Guitars, Peavey Amps, full artist profile and support
Ned Evett